tech partners australia

"Your partner in technology"

We provide the following services

  • Information & Advocacy
  • Problem Solving,
  • Product & technology development & acquisition
  • Quality Assurance
  • Technology Strategy Process Development.

1. Information & Advocacy

We provide an effective way to gather information for both strategy and research purposes. We also include a service to represent industry at a number levels.

2. Problem Solving

In these times of the “lean” organisation it is often very difficult to solve acute technical problems because of a lack of resources or expertise. Tech Partners Australia can help with our experience and proven problem solving techniques.

3. Product and Technology development & acquisition.

Tech Partners Australia has the experience, resources and networks to provide a independent product development service for client organisations. This allows staff to focus on the immediate needs of your business and overcomes the need to support R&D infrastructure.

Technology sourcing is also available if technology is already available, thus shortening the development cycle and providing definitive outcomes. Sourcing of funding for projects is another option provided.

4.  Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is part of the way of doing business but often resources are stretched. Tech Partners Australia can assist with system development, maintenance and auditing.

5.  Technology Strategy Process Development

Technology is an integral part of the composite timber industry. It is embodied in the products and processes that form it. A sound and detailed technology strategy and technology management process is required to ensure that the business strategy is supported and that the influence of the external environment such as competitors and government authorities are managed and strategies are developed to counter any threats and take advantage of technological strengths.

Tech Partners Australia can lead you through a process to help you develop your technology strategy in a more formal way. Meeting your needs is important so programs are developed to meet your requirements.

Options include :-

  • Technology management diagnostic
  • Training seminars
  • Management Coaching
  • Strategy Workshops