Technology Management

Last week I went to a seminar on commercialisation. During the course of the day there was decriptions of what to do to get the commercialisation process right and it got me thinking.

Why do thing go wrong when organisations try to implement new products?

One of the conclusions I came to was that the organisation needs to have their technology management processes operating correctly. Maybe they hadn't thought about the importance of the process and what it should entail and they just went off on a tangent somewhere.

To be successful in commercialising products organisations must align the technology strategy with business strategy. By the way this is not just a one way street. Often new technologies can "push" the business strategy.

The technology management process can be defined as:

"... the effective identification, selection, acquisition, development and protection of technologies (product, process, infrastructure) needed to maintain a market position and business performance in accordance with company objectives." (European Institute of Technology and Innovation Management)

Whilst there are numerous other issues that can go wrong not managing technology is a critical issue that needs to be addressed in many organisations to ensure that new products appear in the pipeline and they meet the needs of customers.

Gradually I would like to entertain some of these concepts and help develop some guidances for organisations in this area.

Glenn Ryan



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