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e-bulletin no. 27  December 2010. WES decision, New Powdercoating project.

e-bulletin no.26   October 2009. NZ WES update, Wood Adhesives 2009

e-bulletin no.25    June 2009. New BCA, NICNAS, GBCA.

e-bulletin no.24    March 2009. WES changes in NZ, CPRS Update

e-bulletin no.23.    December 2008. CARB Regulation, CPRS Update

e-bulletin no.22     Sept. 2008 JIS Mark Certification, ISO TC 89 Meeting, CPRS

e-bulletin no. 21    June 2008-Sustainability Awards, Energy & Emission 
                               Trading, May 2008 Budget.

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e-bulletin no.19     

e-bulletin no. 18    

e-bulletin no. 17  

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